Q. Can the myLibrary Catalog email me when the Library gets new items by my favorite author/actor?



To set up and save a search:

  1. Set up and run a keyword, phrase, exact, advanced, or Boolean search. The search results are displayed. Even if there are no search results, each subsequent automatic search will use the criteria you entered to look for titles that are new since the search ran. 

When your saved search runs automatically, the results include titles from the local library catalog only, even if your original search included remote databases.

  1. Select Save Search at the side of the page (computer or tablet), or below the search results (phone).  


  1. If the log-in page appears, type your library account barcode number or user name and password and select Log In.

If this is the first time you have saved a search, a consent message may be displayed. Read the message, and if you want to continue, select Yes.

You are logged in to your library account, and the Save Search form is displayed.

  1. Enter the following information for your saved search:
  • Search name - Type a name to identify the search in your list of saved searches.
  • Note - Type a brief phrase to help you remember details about the search (optional).  

The Search command line displays your search as a search command. You cannot edit this command. The number of characters in your search command is limited to 250.

  • Email results to - Type the email address that should receive the results.
  • Email format - HTML or plain text. Select the format you prefer for email. Your selection applies to all your saved searches.
  • Email if no results - Check the box if you want to receive an email message when an automatic search returns no new results.
  • Search frequency - Specifies how often the saved search is automatically run (WeeklyMonthly, or Suspend). The library schedules the automatic run. Select Suspend if you want to save the search to use later, but do not want regular results at this time. You can edit the setting to a different frequency later, or run the search manually when you choose. See View and edit saved searches, and Run a saved search manually.
  • Number of times to run - Type the number of times that the saved search should be run automatically. The library sets a maximum number for this setting.  
  1. Select Save Search. The search is saved.


  1. Select Back to return to the search page.
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